Joanna Osiejewicz, Izabela Gawlowicz

The Term ‘Security’ in Legal Sciences - Selected Aspects

(Herausgeber: Rainer Arnold)

The book is a result of the International Academic Conference “Meaning of the Term „Security” in Legal Sciences – selected aspects” that was held on 28 May 2015 at the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Zielona Go´ra, (Poland). The topic of the conference is one of the most important matters in the European region as well as all over the world. The presented papers referred to different areas of law. Each author focused on his proper field of research, defining the basic security threats in a given area of law.
However, the book is not merely a collection of papers that were delivered at the conference. The meeting ended with an intense discussion on the possibility to understand the term "security" in the context of the issues raised in the speeches. The consequence of this discussion was a thorough reconstruction of texts or even their substantial transformation. The conference inspired its speekers to further exploration, research, and multifaceted academic cooperation, which is being successfully continued. The publication does not pretend to describe the phenomenon of security in legal sciences complementarily, but it intends to be a contribution to an in-depth discussion on the presented problem.
Bereits online erschienene Arbeit aus dem Bereich und der Reihe Europäisiches Recht.
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