Ciril Ribicic, Igor Kaucic

Referendum and the Constitutional Court of Slovenia

This book, written by two eminent Slovenian legal scholars, consists of two parts: in the first part, the authors deal with the regulation of referendum and other forms of direct democracy in the Slovenian legal system.
Following a general introduction, the authors carefully analyse the principal characteristics of the 2013 constitutional amendments extensively changing the regulation of the referendum. They argue that the constitutional amendments adopted solutions that represent a more appropriate answer to the normative and practical problems in the application of the legislative referendum as well as to the contemporary requirements of decision-making on legislative issues. In the second part, the authors present the position and the functioning of the Constitutional Court of Slovenia, an eminent and powerful court, distinguished by numerous innovative decisions. Close attention is given to the Court’s decisions on referendums, particularly those regard the principle of constitutional democracy. They are considered as the “peak” of the Court’s decision-making, contributing to the fact that today Slovenia is a modern state governed by the rule of law and constitutional democracy, tolerant of diversity.
Zum Autor
Ciril Ribicic is a professor of constitutional law at the University of Ljubljana, director of the Constitutional Law Institute in Ljubljana, member of the Venice Commission and a former judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia.

Igor Kaucic, is a professor and Head of Chair of Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana and Vice Dean at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana
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