Arta Vorpsi

Recent Developments in Albanian Constitutional Law

The main objective of the book is to give an overview on relevant parts of the Albanian legal order with regard to some envisaged cardinal changes in the field of Constitutional Law, which are linked directly to the constitutional development also at the supranational level. Through this book one could gain exposure to some of the newest (and critical) aspects that have characterized Albanian constitutional development since the entering into force of the new democratic Constitution in 1998. One could also explore a range of controversies: Is there any Albanian Constitutional Identity? What are the boundaries of power between the government and other state bodies or central government and local administration? Which is the role of the Constitutional Court on that matter (but not only)? How is the Constitution interpreted by this Court? What is the role of the President of Republic and is there any place for a reform? What effects has the international law among other normative acts according to the Albanian Constitution? What are the relations between Constitutional Court and Strasbourg Court and how have they changed in the last years? How political parties may affect the boundaries of constitutional justice? There are also involved the actual issues of constitutionalism in the field of human rights on national level and its prospects, including the analysis of future mechanisms for the enforcements of those rights, according to the jurisprudence of European Court of Human Rights.
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