Antonio-Carlos Pereira-Menaut, Celso Cancela-Outeda

Resetting the European Union Constitutional Engine

Times are changing so fast that what was in need of proof yesterday - say, that a European Constitution does exist, and affects national constitutions - is today only too obvious. At the same time, no sensible European reader would doubt that state sovereignty is now in need of revision.
Tough times call for profound academic reflection. Europe is at a crossroads and faces some hard choices. We think that the EU is better understood as a process of integration, having much in common with some previous historical processes, and that our integration, after reaching a constitutional level, is presently at a crossroads. Recent developments suggest that under the current constitutional scheme, when we have a serious problem, the only alternative presented to us, as if tertium non daretur, is another turn of the screw of centralisation, or the breaking up of the Union. We would like to suggest that tertium datur, and that our ruling élites should never become a Frankenstein-like power, nor a Gentle Monster, or a Dark Lord with a ring to bind us all and keep us in
darkness as if we are in Plato’s Cave.
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