Benjamin Geiger

From few to many particles: Semiclassical approaches to interacting quantum systems

While modern computational methods provide a powerful approach to predict the behavior of physical systems, gaining intuition of emergent phenomena requires almost invariably the use of approximation methods. The ideas and methods of semiclassical physics presented in this thesis provide a systematic road to address non-perturbative regimes, where classical information find its way into the description of quantum properties of systems of few to many interacting particles.
The first part of the thesis provides a semiclassical description of few-particle systems using cluster expansions and novel analytic results for short-range interacting bosons in one and three dimensions are derived. In the second part, complementary approaches for many-particle systems are used to study the non-equilibrium scrambling dynamics in quantum-critical bosonic systems with large particle numbers, revealing an unscrambling mechanism due to criticality that is verified in extensive numerical simulations.
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